Koos van den Hout webserver at home

The webserver at home in a cold part of the attic. Making constant noise. In a big aging towercase. Shielded from cats trying to sleep behind it. With a nice UPS to keep stuff running.

If you want a webserver like this one, get Apache, read the manual and go ahead! If you're looking for more stuff about me, you want to visit homepage Koos van den Hout.

Welcome IPv4 user!


The weather station at home:

Weather station

Temperature : 22.9 °C
Humidity : 77.4 %
Airpressure : 999.9 hPa
Weather Station Utrecht Overvecht with the latest measurements and graphs.


"An NT server can be run by an idiot, and usually is." -- Tom Holub, a.h.b-o-i

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Koos van den Hout, E-mail koos+web@idefix.net. Other webprojects: Camp Wireless, wireless Internet access at campsites, The Virtual Bookcase, book reviews, webcam.idefix.net
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